Guided birdwatching and wildlife tours around the scenic countryside and coastline of South Down.


Our Mission

Red Kites are my passion and I would love to share that passion with you.

I first got involved with the RSPB's Red Kite project in 2008 at the beginning of the re-introduction project, when the first Red Kite chicks were brought over from Wales to be re-introduced into the South Down countryside for the first time in over 100 hundred years. I was employed by the RSPB as Red Kite Information Officer and my mail role was to educate and enthuse the general public and local landowners about the Red Kites and how they would become a benefit to our landscape and farming fraternity.

Since then I have been heavily involved all year round in the monitoring of the Red Kite population, locating their winter roost site, during the winter months, locating their nest sites and breeding territories in the Spring and Summer months and helping with the wing tagging of the Red Kite chicks.

My main aim is to engage with people, young and old teaching them about the Red Kites and sharing in their majesty and beauty along with showcasing  the stunning landscape and the countryside they inhabit.

We would thoroughly recommend that all bird lovers and wildlife enthusiasts take this tour for the sheer thrill of seeing a Northern Ireland Red Kite in its own spectacular habitat.
— Wild Inishowen